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Standard Saddle

Most single place gliders (see examples below)


Special Saddle

Sailplanes with thicker leading edge


Extended Chord

Most 2-place; a few single place big chord gliders


Blanik / G-103

Special fabrication required for certain models


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Packing Blanket for in-trailer storage


If necessary, measure height from ground to underside of wing at mid-span / mid-chord.

Standard Main Column

32" - 40" Std Most glider & trailer combinations


Tall Main Column

38" - 48" High Wings - certain 2-place gliders


Short Main Column

28" - 34" low set wings / no fuselage lift


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Specify spring force

Available: 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 lbs


In lieu of standard pneumatic wheels


In lieu of standard powder coat steel pad


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Models that normally take standard saddle and standard column......

304CZ, ASG29, ASH25, ASH26, ASW20, ASW24, ASW27, ASW28, DG300, DG303, DG400 DG600, Discus, Discus 2, Genesis 2, HP18, Jantar 2, JS-1, Lak12, LS3, LS4, LS6, LS7, LS8, MiniNimbus, Mosquito, Nimbus2, Nimbus3, Nimbus4, Pagasus, PIK20, SGS 1-35, SZD55, Ventus, Ventus2,

Methods of Payment

Check or Bank Draft (preferred method) Payable to:      MM Fabrication

(send to mailing address below)

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