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Wing Rigger


Wing Rigger Features...


  • Gas spring inside main column cancels wing weight

  • 3 wheel stability - rolls great on all terrain

  • TIG weldments & precision CNC machined parts

  • Powder coat finish for outstanding metal protection

  • Rubberized knobs & robust mechanics throughout

  • Quick breakdown -- great for in-trailer storage

  •  Articulated fiberglass saddle with dense felt padding

  • Second column knob independently locks gas spring

  • Adjustable trailing edge keeper holds wing securely

Commonly stated reasons for buying Wing Rigger ...


  • Assemble or Disassemble when nobody else is there to help

  • Eliminate lift of heavy wing spar end -- Prevents back strain

  • Wife isn't strong enough to carry wingtip or doesn't want to

  • Unhurried process -- Prefer relaxed, consistent methodology

  • Hate having to land just to get wing help in late afternoon

  • Transfer wings into workshop or hangar without assistance

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