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Wing Wheels

These wing wheels are sturdy, all metal construction, featuring a steel tube frame and an aluminum cradle. Both frame and cradle are contoured to the wing shape, eliminating gaps and pressure points found with "generic" wing wheels. The fork assembly is aluminum with a shear web for rigidity. The suspension is a gas strut with a coil spring for added support. Wheels are available in either 16 inch or 20 inch diameter. Padding is durable, all-weather marine carpet that is easily washable to remove dirt that can scratch the wing surface. A high-quality DeStaCo locking latch securely holds the cradle firmly around the wing and does not allow distortion. Each wing wheel is custom fabricated to allow for differences in wing height and shape.


For ordering purposes, some measurements and possibly a wing profile template are required. Email us for more information!

The Wing Wheel breaks down to a nice compact size.

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