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Wing Rigger Options Information

Optional Flat Free Wheels +$40


Polyurethane foam tire / PVC molded hub

Lighter weight -- reduces overall weight by 2 lbs.
Avoids need of monitoring tire inflation.
Espeically recommended where thorns may be present (west USA, SW USA, south USA)
Works great on all terrain.

Standard Pneumatic Wheel


Steel Hub / Rubber Tire with Inner Tube

Not recommended outside USA as replacment inner tubes might not be available. Like bicycle tires, pneumatic wheels do occasionally require airing up. Works great on all terrain.

Optional Hardwood Keeper Pad +$45


Hardwood species in current production is African Padauk -- a reddish tinged wood with excellent characteristics. 7/8" thick hardwood is finished with multiple coats of Polyurethane.

Standard keeper pad is powder coat steel. Both are padded with durable 1/4" dense wool felt.

Selectable Gas Spring Force


Standard gas spring is 70 lbs force. Heavier springs may be optionally specified: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 or 130 lbs. Gas springs can be easily removed and interchanged by simply transfering the end fitments.

The gas spring is protected inside the main column. It's noteworthy that with many hundreds of units sold over many years of production, not a single Wing Rigger customer has ever reported a gas spring pressure loss.

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