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Two Column Knobs

Model 8 incorporates two knobs on the main column. Top knob locks the inner column to the base. Lower sliding knob allows gas spring position to be secured at any height so that a preferred working position is retained between usages.

Robust pivot design for Model 8 includes Belville springs to provide ergonomic pivot tension and zero freeplay. Parts are smooth contoured by CNC profiling. Saddle stop design employs eccentric cam for secure one-time adjustment. Provided hex key may be used as positioning lever while making adjustment.

Trailing edge keeper drops into a concentric square tube and is secured with a rubberized knob to hold wing tightly in the saddle. (shown with standard keeper)

Third wheel into receiver socket.  Adjustable drag feature on third wheel axle bolt insures that Wing Rigger remains in position when operating on sloping terrain. (Shown with optional flat free wheels.)

Three wheel configuration rolls on all terrain.  No need to deploy and retract a swivel stand.  Big wheels won't catch on tie-down cables.  Sturdy sliding axle makes lateral adjustment a breeze.  (Shown with sandard trailing edge keeper and optional flat free polyurethane wheels.)

Upper knob sandwich clamps the self centering aluminum nut block to the telescoping inner column providing security while transporting a wing.

New Push Plate makes securing the trailing edge keeper a breeze.  One-time setup for clamping force by adjustable bolt slot.

Hex key has it's own storage position secured by magnets.  Tool can be used for quick removal of wheels if Wing Rigger stowage needs should dictate wheel removal for optimal compactness.

New for model 8 - Unique internal axle locking sleeve provides solid clamping action for the sliding axle with modest twist of knob (external view below).

Short hanger tube welded to the main column provides a handy auxillary storage position for the trailing edge keeper.

Hard chrome axle shaft slides in new linear ball bearings for easy lateral adjustment.  The hardened chrome shaft is impervious to scratches and damage.  Locking knob secures the axle at desired position.

Linear ball bearings differ from ordinary ball bearings in that bearing balls circulate axially in five lengthwise tracks.  This new bearing technology results in super smooth sliding action.  Linear ball bearings have gained acceptance in all manner of industrial machines requiring linear slide motion.  Bearings include built-in end wipers to keep dirt out.

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